Funnycar Classic 2024

The 2024 season opener for the team was the Funny Car Classic at the Texas Motorplex. The team loaded and headed to the track with the goal of making a few test passes the Thursday before competition to knock any winter rust. The first test pass down the track was the only test run the team was able to make. On the first test run the car left the line, and the tires were moving too slow, and about .7 seconds into the run the car begun to experience some violent shake and the run was aborted. When the car was returned to the pit for general maintenance it was discovered that the lower motor mounts on both sides were broken. At that time the teams day of testing was over and they begun to fixt the broken mounts for the start of competition.


On Friday the team had 2 qualifying sessions scheduled. The first session was in the heat, the track temperature was roughly 123 degrees but still in good shape. For the first session a few adjustments were made to the clutch and power of the engine to prevent the shake that had occurred the previous day in testing. The adjustments moved the car in the rights direction and it motored down the track running a 3.74 at 208 MPH that would place the team in the number 3 position after 1 session.

The second session was held in the evening and the track had cooled considerably, to 100 degrees. The team was looking to make a big move and make an improvement on their previous run time. To do so a few adjustments were made based on the data collected from the first session. With those changes and an improvement in air and track condition the car ran a 3.661 at 210 MPH. The team would remain in the number 3 position after 2 qualifying sessions. Ending the racing on Friday.

Saturday the team would have one final qualifying session and then begin eliminations later that say. The third session was cool thanks to cloud cover. The team was hoping to pickup a touch and run a 3.64, however the car had different intentions.  The team missed the mark and the car slowed down to a 3.72 at 209 MPH. After this session of qualifying the team would settle into the 4 position. They were pushed down to number 4 when Ronny Young in the Blue Max laid down a pass running a 3.59 at 222 MPH.

The A field qualifying order would be;

  1. John Hale (3.497, 220mph)
  2. Ronny Young (3.594, 222mph)
  3. Bill Bernard (3.659, 209mph)
  4. Kirk Williams (3.661, 210mph)
  5. Keith Zimmerer (3.671, 206mph)
  6. Doug Schneider (3.719, 205mph)
  7. Kris Krabill (3.728, 203mph)
  8. Sayne Lawson (3.774, 204mph) 

This year the Chaos series is utilizing a sportsman ladder to have closer races. With this new format the team will face off against Shane Lawson in the first round of eliminations. This will be a tough round of eliminations. Both cars are capable of running hard and have proven to be consistent. This would qualify as a marquee matchup that one would expect to see in the final round.

 In the first round against Shayne Lawson, it was a close race with both cars having troubles. Lawson left the line first and started having trouble early with the car not able to shift out of low gear. Williams was able to drive around Lawson early, but also having troubles with a failing crank trigger down track causing the engine to die. Luckily the car was on a good run early and had enough momentum to get around Shayne for the win in the first round. (Williams 3.868 at 177mph Lawson 3.912 at 179mph)

In the second round Williams will face Doug Schneider. Williams was able to repair their electrical problems from the previous round against Lawson. In the second round Williams cuts the tree down with a perfect 000 reaction time placing them out front early. Shortly after the 60’ mark the car made a move towards the center and got into trouble knocking the tire off the track and caused the car to slow to a 3.863 at 203 mph and let Schneider go around for the victory running a 3.698 at 205 mph. This brought a close to the race weekend.

The team may have not won the race but it was still a good showing for the team. Getting the winter rust broken off, picking up a few mph over the last time at the Motorplex. This shows that the car has some extra potential this season!!! Plus no parts were damaged.

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